Toonie Party

Make your next birthday party a  TOONIE PARTY

How it works:

Ask your guests to bring 2 toonies instead of presents.  One toonie the birthday child gets to keep and the other gets donated to a charity of your child’s choice–like the Children’s Festival.


Parents don’t have to search for the perfect birthday gift (that would probably cost more than 2 toonies)

The Birthday Child gets to pick a gift that they really want

You can support charities that are doing good things in your community (or around the world) such as the quality programming at the Rotary Okanagan International Children’s Festival

MOST IMPORTANTLY–Kids get to learn about citizenship and giving back to their community

Call 250-493-8800 for more info

We will post your Kid’s Fest Toonie Party Pics Here!!


Jennifer, 8, raised $40.00 from friends and family at her Toonie Party.  Thanks, Jen!!