Main Stage Shows


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Tent 1

Le Groupe SWING Le Group SWING

Show Origin:  Ontario & Quebec
Genre: Music, French Content
Age Group: 5+
Venue: Tent 1
Show Codes: M, FR
Duration: 50 mins

#1May 22, 201410:00 am
#10May 23, 20141:00 pm
#16May 24, 20141:45 pm

A seasoned musician who loves to get people dancing to the sound of his fiddle meets an R’n’B singer returning from Nashville to reconnect with his French heritage to create a new sound: urban folk. After performing 900 concerts in Canada in front of more than half a million spectators, Michel Bénac and Jean-Philippe Goulet still inflame crowds with their relentless energy. Their unique musical style is a marriage of folklore and modernism coupled with boundless originality. With their show Swing mix upbeat rhythms that compel you to kick up your heels and let yourself loose.


Fred Penner


Fred Penner

Show Origin: Manitoba
 Genre: Music
Age Group: Ages 2-7
Venue: Tent 1
Show Codes: M
Duration: 50 mins
#3May 22, 201411:30 am
#8May 23, 201411:30 am
#12May 24, 201410:00 am

This Canadian legend has dedicated his life to making quality music for children. Entertaining, educational, and interactive, his songs celebrate family, friends, and cats that come back the very next day.
“I feel it is important to take advantage of the love that children naturally have for music. It can be so much more than simply background music; movement and song provide a powerful impetus
for learning.” —Fred Penner


Aché BrasilAche Brasil

Show Origin: Brazil & Canada
Genre: Dance & Music
Age Group: All Ages
Venue: Tent 1
Show Codes: D, M
Duration: 50 mins

#5May 22, 20141:00 pm
#6May 23, 201410:00 am
#14May 24, 201411:45 am
#18May 24, 20143:30 pm

Aché Brasil is an explosion of energy with equal parts music, dance and capoeira martial arts that showcase the culture and traditions of Brazil in a spectacle of movement and color. This high energy group educates and entertains audiences of all ages about Brazil’s cultural diversity through their traditional Brazilian percussion in accompaniment to traditional dances in beautiful costumes.

Tent 2


Show Origin: Australia
Genre: Circus, Comedy
Age Group: Ages 7+
Venue: Tent 2
Show Codes: C, PC
Duration: 50 mins
#2May 22, 201410:30 am
#9May 23, 201412:30 pm
#13May 24, 201410:45 pm
#17May 24, 20142:30 pm

A strange young man wants to treat the crowd to a ‘talkie’ picture. Just how hard could it be to set up a projector and a screen? Very, as it turns out! Soon the popcorn is flying and order crumbles whilst the projector takes on a life of its own. This clumsy Mr. Fixit takes one step forwards and two steps back in this beautifully poignant silent movie-esque debacle. A performer in the circus since a small child Tom Flanagan, the star of Tom Tom Crew and Circus Oz, tries to save the showing of his film, A Love Story, fumbling around stage in full Chaplin mode. A hilariously funny mix of chaos, comedy and acrobatics for all ages, this show is elegant buffoonery at its finest.

Monster Theatre presents Mini MasterpiecesMonster Theatre

Show Origin: Vancouver, BC
Genre: Theatre, Puppetry, Comedy
Age Group: All Ages
Venue: Tent 2
Show Codes: T, P
Duration: 45 mins

#4May 22, 201412:30 pm
#7May 23, 201410:30 pm
#15May 24, 201412:45 pm

Mini Masterpieces are short, funny, accessible adaptations of Classics of Literature to help get kids excited about reading. Through the use of puppetry, masks, improv, original songs, physical comedy, satire and good old-fashioned storytelling, Monster Theatre expose young audiences to classics of literature from around the world. Each 15 minute adaptation encourages audience participation as bookish Bruce and clownish Tara present the stories in a way that gets kids excited to dive into books themselves. Be prepared to see L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables, Hans Christian Andersen’s The Ugly Duckling, and Stories from The Greek Myths in a whole new way.